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Richard Downer
Our clients needed an architect in Devon to provide them with a Full architectural service from planning through to construction detailing for their new-build family home with open-plan modern living..

The owners of this new-build home in the centre of Plymouth approached the practice with the empty plot in 2018 with the wish to build a new 3000sqft family home. Previously part of a local tennis club, the land was sold off, and the applicants had the vision to develop the narrow site.

Surrounded on all sides by other residential development, the plot had extremely narrow vehicle access, and construction was a logistical challenge. However, perseverance and clever constructional choices meant completion was achieved with little delay or issue.

The house was designed in an ‘upside-down’ arrangement, with kitchen, dining, living and the master bedroom at first floor to maximise views and light. Bedrooms, gym, home office and TV room are all located at ground floor in a u-shaped arrangement that frame a central courtyard.

The front entrance leads into the main access spine of the home, which borders the glazed courtyard. A bright yellow steel and timber staircase leads directly up into the main living area, with a large roof light above that pours light into the hall.

The interior decor is bright and modern, with key areas in the palette of whites and greys picked out in luminescent neon lighting and colours. The exterior continues the theme with a combination of white render, grey zinc cladding and blackened timber cladding. External landscaping was still due to be completed at the time of taking photos, so exterior shots will follow shortly.

Van Ellen and Sheryn always deliver a friendly, professional, service and do their upmost to see away through the demands of their clients, the natural constraints of any particular site, the budget constraints that may exist, and the expectations of the relevant Local Authority. It can be the case that the desires of a client are not matched by a Local Authority, this can result in adaptations to enable planning permission, Van Ellen and Sheryn always show patience and creativity in trying to overcome such problems. As a planning consultant and historic building consultant I have always enjoyed working alongside Van Ellen and Sheryn and found them efficient and reliable in delivering projects for their clients. My observation is that their clients also have enjoyed working with them and this is best substantiated by the repeat business and positive recommendations I have witnessed them receive. They create attractive solutions and have a sound appreciation of the hurdles often faced in securing planning permission and delivering a scheme, to aid this they have contact with an array of consultants who provide associated services to support development, this includes practices and professionals in the fields of planning, ecology, engineering, ground surveying, drainage etc.

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