We offer a wide range of architectural services and can help you with any phase of your project. We can liase with project managers or manage the entire process on your behalf, ensuring peace of mind from start to finish.


Our fee structure varies for each project and is devised to suit your specific brief and requirements. We will not force services upon you that we do not think you need, neither will you be required to ‘sign up’ to future services that you do not wish to commit to. Our proposed fees are aligned to each ‘Work Stage’ as defined by the RIBA Plan of Work 2013. We try to make our fees transparent and easy to comprehend from start to finish.

van Ellen + Sheryn had real vision and gave us some fantastic ideas for our property in Dartmoor as to how to make the space really special. We are delighted with our new loft and can’t thank them enough.

Dr. and Mrs. S. Rex Bucks

Initial Appraisals

At the commencement of each project we typically offer an initial feasibility service. This is a preliminary design exercise which is undertaken within a pre-agreed timescale. We brainstorm design ideas, test your brief and provide you with a sketch proposal. This initial design exercise should allow you to decide if you wish to proceed towards a planning or listed building application, if one is required.

In 2013 I built a new home for my family in Totnes. This was based on plans and design produced by Eilir Sheryn. He assisted me throughout the design, planning and build process and I would commend him to anyone with a building project in mind. I found his genuine interest and willingness to help in all aspects of the project to be especially helpful along with other members of the VES team all of whom who I found to be both professional and personable.

Simeon Rich, Totnes

Construction Drawings

We are able provide a thorough and complete set of construction drawings along with a written NBS specification for your project. These drawings address each and every component of the project from damp proof course to door handle. Throughout this work stage, we present and gain your approval for all components and finishes. We will also coordinate all information provided by other consultants ( e.g. structural drawings ). This pack of information is used to obtain an accurate tender price from contractors as well as Building Regulations Approval.

We have been clients of van Ellen + Sheryn since their early days and have always found them a pleasure to work with. We are still with van Ellen + Sheryn partly because they are excellent architects but also because we get a highly personalised service. We are consistently looked after by the right person and our requests are dealt with swiftly.

D Stevenson, Anchorstone Properties Devon


We offer a free half hour consultation with prospective clients within our Ashburton Office. We will discuss the particulars of your project, offering advice regarding planning, generic budgets, programme and architectural approach. We can also provide you with an indication of our fees. For a consultation at your property we make a nominal charge of £100 + VAT to cover our costs. This fee is refunded however if we are subsequently appointed as architects for your project.

From the start you approached the assignment with a level of creativity and originality, as well as an understanding of how we wanted to live as a family, not shown by any of the many other architects we spoke to. Throughout you have demonstrated exemplary attention to detail, patience and a clear enjoyment in what you do. We started with a run down, dark, claustrophobic house and have ended up with a property truly worthy of its setting in the most beautiful countryside I know.

Mr C Sharp, Devon

Tender Preparation

We can recommend suitable contractors for your project from our approved list. We can manage a competitive tender process on your behalf, assess the tenders and make an independent recommendation for your approval. We can also advise upon the procurement route and contract most appropriate for your project.

When we started, we weren’t even sure what it was we wanted and it wasn’t until about the ‘Mark VII’ version that we finally felt brave enough to give the go ahead. During this ‘design gestation’ we felt embarrassed at our lack of direction but our indecision was met with patience and guidance until the final layout was agreed…everything was handled with smooth professionalism including the planning process with Dartmoor National Park.

David Holyoak, Buckfast

Planning application

Once the design principles have been agreed and a projected construction cost has been approved by you, we will be able to submit a planning application on your behalf, to a pre-agreed, fixed fee. We pride ourselves in the quality and rigour exercised in the production of our drawings and supporting documents. We will advise you in advance if any other further reports or surveys are required from other consultants, to satisfy the local authority validation criteria.

You don’t think you need an architect until you hit problems (especially awkward planners) then the experience, insight and professionalism of van Ellen and Sheryn is priceless.

Ian Buswell, Cirencester